Wednesday, January 12, 2011

...random thoughts

Until decades ago, we were judged as having no worthwhile artistic abilities. We were our worst enemies blinded by greed and limited by our myopic reasoning.
We couldn't see ourselves in available media except as lawbreakers and heinous murderers. We resisted positive change and embraced the traditions of the ancestors. We frolicked with danger, danced with death and mocked the existence of a different way of life.
Many years down the drain, there arose a new breed of our people - a breed like no other. We have challenged the ways and thoughts of old and built a new beginning for the future. We have been upgraded and our status has been changed. Our heritage is secure, for we don't want our history to die. Where there existed non skilled individuals who basked in the glories of war, there is another generation that celebrates peace maintained through talks and moot dialogues.
Like a proud mother, I stand today to congratulate us on all our achievements; thank you for opening our world, thank you for establishing our humanity and ability in our minds, thank you for giving us a voice and bringing us out of obscurity but most especially, thank you Africa for our legacy.

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