Sunday, February 6, 2011

Godly pursuits

I thank thee for this gift of mine,
This free, undeserving grace,

I thank thee, O breath of life
May I remain pure and true

In me you've seen a special being,
Whom you've created, that much is clear....

Its hard to forget what I saw today, how I felt and what I thought. Never before had I seen a large pool of recently clotted blood, on a highway. Never before had I seen corpses stacked in a truck like butchered meat headed for the market place.
It strucked me then how frail we really are. It does hurt to know some people never think past today.
Do you ever wonder how God feels about the way we live? Do you ever marvel at the huge amount of patience he exercises with us, when it comes to dealing with our shortcomings?

Well, I do!

The thought of not making heaven is a worrisome/bothersome one for me. I'd rather not have existed at all, than to know of a better life and still choose to be a mediocre christian.
Today was a wakeup call to me - KAY you can't live forever!
So I have added a list of to do things in my diary for 2011.
I have promised myself to; live without past regrets, forgive myself and any others easily, find love and love deeply, let go of all mannerisms of hurts threatening to engulf me, appreciate the simple pleasures of life, to live fully each day and TO KNOW GOD extra extra intimately....
The requests have been sent out, and i just played my DO yours. Soul winning is a delicate birthing process. Treat all new converts like you would a 3month old baby...
Let us prove to the world who the true God is!!!!