Monday, January 10, 2011

M and Me!

"Getting it right the first time ultimately saves time" Now how many times have i heard this? Sometimes it helps if you understand the workings of certain parts of a machine during your first use, but the human mind...smh...that is a really difficult puzzle -abi machine- to crack.
I just got off the phone. I think i finally KILLed all chances of being with M, me and my large mouth, my sharp tongue and this darn head of mine that thinks up retorts faster than it processess the damages the words could cause -NOT THAT I REGRET jare!
lemme tell you a little about M; M is almost THE mirror image of my person. He is a clown(a very entertaining one), a fluent conversation-alist(i think this is ibo), a sweet tooth, a cartoon lover, a romantic and spontaneous guy but most especially...a shy guy- a lion that purrs!
We got into a fight about how much attitude i give him and how i almost never treat him with respect...well...i do give him attitude but respect? that i dish to him with a spade!
Apart from him being 15years my senior, he is an extremely intelligent man, one of those born with a silver spoon but who earns a living because of his passion for what he does and not because his father is a retired diplomat with connections that stretches to ANTARTICA.
I really admire his courage. M quit his job with mobil a while back because they never allowed him go offshore. I mean in Nigeria a lot of people will accept this if that meant at the end of the month they would be smiling to the bank or whistling when they received their monthly credit debit alert of more than 3parts of a million naira on their mobile phones!
Thing is, i think i am liking him -Dude came customised for me- more than required and for petes sake that is terribly terribly wrong because he is a MARRIED MAN!

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