Tuesday, January 11, 2011

chaffs and grains

"Lotz, T baby, Bubu, Maks, Viki and Momo." These are the names of all my friends.
Strange???! I pray not.
You see, although i am a full bodied sanguin with slight traces of the melachonlic and pragmatic traits, my friendship graph deviates largely from the norm - the straight line plots, curve very VISIBLY!
Just like every family, mine also has categories. The afore mentioned individuals all fall under the NUCLEAR family category- you know the type where love, trust, respect and most importantly our history never ever gets blurry. Then there is my EXTENDED family - malice, envy, repressed emotions and plenty greedy traits abound here. Some amount of love exists here, i just need to walk around with my shovel to dig- albeit always very deeply- through the refuse to get this!
In my head, i equate friendship to a balanced diet- eat way beyond/below the normal requirements, and you wind up dinning with maggots.
Not everyone in my family is aware of the others' existence and am excited
about that because the end result is a blend of a unique and therapeutic feeling that is often always extremely addictive. I love that they never cringe whenever i drop a flaw- NEVER-they walk around picking the shards and quelling every insecure feelings that may arise while simultaneously pointing the best routes out to me!
Chaff and grains, thats how i think of my FAMILIES, little wonder!

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