Wednesday, January 19, 2011

...and there was Lanre

"Love at first sight."
*long sigh*
Although I am a hopeless romantic, I belonged to the school of thought, "know him, then fall for him."
Well, this was before, way before I met Lanre. You see, everyday used to see me surfing the web in a frenzy. I was all over the 'en vogue' social media sites; Hi5, facebook, myspace and even twitter - still don't know why I follow people just to know about their bumpy plane rides!
I used to have a lot of friends on facebook - people I hadn't seen in decades and others I didn't even know. Then one day, I got up and removed/blocked about three quarter of my 'friends'.
My thinking?
I saw no reason why I should carry on with long paused gisting with folks that don't know jack about me and vice versa, lol-ing at some crazy status updates and gracing the walls of some others only on their birthdays.
I finally stopped accepting requests - even from people with 30 mutual friends. My love for them sites was waning. Just until he sent me an add request. We had no mutual friends and I couldn't access his profile - my SE phone was finally acting up. So i accepted his request, and we got chatting.
It was simply, "Love at first chat."
Lanre, in one word is sweet and, i had plenty firsts with him; he calls me to laugh about some silly thing that happened to him at work, or his bosses' ginger + garlic breath and sends me silly pictures of him in his work boots.
Lanre was hilarious. He even made us cry on the phone one day:

Lanre: "hey u!"
Me: "oga, ke kwanu?"
Lanre: "na u start o! kiloshele?"
Me: "ma binu, let's start over are u? hws work? missing me yet?"
Lanre: "easy, easy...haba! ok. Am fine, work'z, well work is work and no am not missing u yet."
Me: "hmmmmmmmmm...okay o!"
After a long pause....
Me: "am sad, just dnt know y."
Lanre: "I noticed...u dnt sound like u. Oya spill it!"
Me: "seriously I don't know...I just feel funny jare"
Lanre: "oya o!Mme....hold a sec!"

About two minutes later...

Lanre: "style of your hair, shape of your eyes and your nose....."
Me: "Omg! Omg! You remembered...."

Then I burst into tears. Part of the list by Neyo is my favourite track, off his year of the gentlemans' album. I love that track die! I love it! I cried all through the song and then some. Next thing I knew, lanre was crying too - he loves that track too, plus he is also a goofy character! I admit it was an awkward moment for us.....

It feels like all these happened an age ago. It's been months since we last spoke - after a horrible fight - and i seriously, don't remember his digits. I blocked his profile on facebook and twitter - I really don't care what's going on with him these days. But there are still nights when I find myself thinking of him and missing; our easy camaraderie, his teasing, my english lessons and my awoof 1500 recharge cards.

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