Friday, January 21, 2011

ramblings of a MAD village champion

"Never go to bed angry - stay awake and plot your revenge." This is the first useful advice I have gotten off any website in recent times. I need to do something, to act - Haba! If I wasn't me, I would even be laughing at me. I have thought about going to okija shrine and to nne ogwuo - but I heard they kill with the speed of sound. I no want that kind one biko o! What I want is simply justice, undiluted justice or maybe a public confession.
How dare she call me back to rant? The other time she came to the house, her back bent with the xtra baggage of the shame she bore, now she says I am not being fair?
How dare they accuse me of being wicked and mean when all I want is to be able to wake up from this nightmare.
How dare I not go to a babalawo, when that seems to be the quickest route to a solution? How dare I start typing when my heart' s so heavy?
Mama said God's gonna come through because he never makes mistakes. I believe that, but I wish he could act faster - but then that wouldn't be God right?
Normally I would sleep through anything, even a fire alarm. Since it happened, I can barely sleep, now when PHCN don the respect theirselves.
Its funny how one can go from being a hero - albeit a local one - to a zero.
On the 15th of January 2011, I officially lost three quarter of all my worldly possesions - not like it was a huge stack - to arm robbers. I had never imagined my house was penetrable, well it's not exactly a fortress or a castle with a draw bridge and a moat, but in the history of Akabo-okechi, nde bi Ifepes' house had never been burgled - NEVER!
I didn't sleep at home that day, no, I spent the night at my cousins' and was rushing home to perform a quick ablution before heading to church that sunday morning. I let myself in through the side door, and didn't notice right away that the living room looked different - the dstv receiver was missing. My heart started a dance, one I wasn't used to. I raced up the staircase, the sound of my heavy self pounding on the terazzo steps, the only noise I could discern. The door to my brother's room was ajar. "But I locked you." I said to myself. I did remember locking it, or was I just imagining things?
My brothers' room was pretty messed up, his wardrobe and every other cupboard was open. I noticed his dvd was missing from its shelf.
By then, my heart was thundering as I waddled towards my bedroom.......

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